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Abilene Regional Medical Center

Abilene Regional Medical Center

6250 US Highway 83, # 84

Abilene, TX 79606

(325) 695-9900

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Ellen Teske

Physician Recruitment Coordinator


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Mike Murphy

Chief Executive Officer


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Matthew Matt Van Leeuwe

Chief Operating Officer




Abilene and Abilene Regional were a natural fit for me and my family. We were impressed with the schools in Abilene, the low crime rate, and the low cost of living. The hospital staff is very accommodating and the hospital administration made the transition very easy. My employer has been very supportive of my practice from advertising to office staff to equipment. has been very supportive of my practice from advertising to office staff to equipment. They have allowed me to focus on patient care, not on administration.

Jason Acevedo, M.D., Otolaryngologist


Why physicians should consider us.

An interview with Mike Murphy, CEO of Abilene Regional Medical Center

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What in your background makes you confident in your leadership and management style (competent) to be CEO of this hospital?

I’ve worked for a number of healthcare organizations over the past 35 years, including both non-profit, stand-alone hospitals and organizations as well as proprietary, investor-owned systems.  I learned early on that it isn’t the organizational structure but rather the leadership style that makes the most difference in how a hospital “feels” to its physicians and staff.  And Abilene Regional illustrates this well. There were times in ARMC’s past when we weren’t all pulling in the same direction, and that showed in our patient, physician and employee satisfaction scores.   But over the past decade, we have assembled a strong leadership team that has, in turn, developed a compassionate, highly skilled workforce.  Our hard work has earned us very high marks on all three satisfaction metrics, whether measured against some of our 200 sister hospitals or to a broader base of hospitals across the country.


What is your clinical vision for the hospital?

I tell prospective employees as well as physician candidates that we’re blessed to have two really great hospitals in Abilene, and that both serve a large region in west-central Texas.  But my vision is to go above and beyond so that we are the preferred hospital–   preferred by patients, preferred by physicians in our market, and preferred by healthcare professionals.   We always want to be the hospital of choice, and we’re proud to earn that on an everyday basis.


What do you want the doctor/patient’s experience to look like at your hospital?

We are large enough to provide a broad range of services to our patient-base, but still small enough to get to know our physicians and staff very well.  We are a family.  We work together.   But we also dine together, and work through patient volume fluctuations and other issues together.


How do you collaborate personally with physicians?

When a physician comes to Administration, she/he never needs an appointment.  If I am not available, then the CNO, COO, or CFO will meet to address the concern immediately.  We make this commitment to our existing medical staff, and we promise this to physician-candidates as well. This really does set us apart from most hospitals, and we’re proud of our relationship. Our physician satisfaction surveys validate that this is an important differentiator for us.


What can a physician expect who joins your organization?

We provide great care to our patients using advanced technology, but the care is delivered in a compassionate environment.  And we work closely with our physicians.  We really do have a family-like feeling at Abilene Regional.

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