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Barstow Community Hospital

Barstow Community Hospital

820 E. Mountain View Street

Barstow, CA 92311

(760) 256-1761

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Laura Bobel

Recruitment Coordinator

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Thonda Jones

Recruitment Director

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Steven Foster

Chief Executive Officer

(760) 957-3221

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Rhonda Lynch

Director of Physician Services and Medical Staff Service

(760) 957-3224

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Sherise Franklin

Clinic Manager

(760) 255-9000


Barstow is a wonderful small community surrounded by beautiful desert landscape. I love working in this family atmosphere.

Rao Daluvoy, MD
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I came here from a town of 9,000 so glad to get to a bigger city, that still has family values.

Eloise Skelton, MD



Story, Heart and Vision

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What in your background makes you confident in your leadership and management style (competent) to be CEO of this hospital?

I’ve worked for a number of healthcare organizations over 15 years, including a US News and World Report Number 1-ranked non-profit academic medical center, stand-alone hospitals as well as proprietary, investor-owned systems. Throughout my experience, I’ve learned that participative management builds strong cohesive teams and independent leaders. Since arriving at Barstow Community Hospital, my focus has been on individual accountability. This attention factors into every aspect of bedside care and operations. We are proud of our quality and safety results on a local, regional and national platform and count our wins by the names of patients and community members we serve.


What is your clinical vision for the practice?

Barstow Community Hospital was opened in 2012 and represents an $80M investment. Our new state-of-the-art facility has a rich history of over 55 years within our community. However, the next phase of growth will come from Barstow Health Partners, who opened their doors in 2014. Well received by the community, the multispecialty practice was welcomed as an opportunity to bring new physicians to Barstow.  It is the vision of Barstow Health Partners to establish the next generation of primary and specialty physicians for the community we serve and deliver high quality care.


What do you want the doctor/patient’s experience to look like at your practice?

Barstow holds true to the typical small town America. People here are welcoming and genuine. Barstow Health Partners expects the same from its physicians.  Today patients endure long waits. Many, especially new patients, have to travel distances to receive basic care services. So, access to quality care is important in our community.  Additionally, the clinic uses the latest technology to ensure patients can access their electronic medical records anytime. More importantly, our physicians are kind and listen to understand their patient’s needs.


How do you collaborate personally with physicians?

All physicians have immediate access to any member of Administration this includes the CEO, CNO, CFO or CQO. In addition, we offer depth and expertise in practice management. Together, we work with Barstow Health Partner physicians to ensure their practices start successfully and grow progressively. We review milestones monthly and suggest helpful strategies to hit our objectives. In fact, our yearly satisfaction and engagement surveys suggest we are on the right path.


What can a physician expect who joins your organization?

Physicians joining Barstow Health Partners are joining a successful group; the practice is poised to grow strategically to meet the needs of Barstow and outlying communities. The community supports the practice and has come to recognize it as quality health care service. True to the High Desert culture, we foster a professional family-like culture and place patients at the center of every decision. Come see for yourself why Barstow is known as the  “Crossroads of Opportunity.”

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