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Bayfront Health Dade City

Bayfront Health Dade City

13100 Fort King Road

Dade City, FL 33525


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Heather Filaroski

Physician Recruitment Coordinator


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Shauna McKinnon



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Tina Holloway

Physician Practice Administrator


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Amy Fort

Executive Assistant




I joined the Bayfront Health Community because of the friendly patient population and the natural beauty of the town. The physicians in the community are engaging and committed to excellence in the practice of medicine. After 40 years of practice I enjoy the affability, sincerity and cooperative nature of the patients who come to The Bayfront Medical Group for their medical needs.

Carl Werne, M.D.-Internal Medicine
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I am very compassionate about the care my patients receive. When I came to Bayfront Health Dade City I recognized that the employees were also focused on providing safe quality care. Together, I knew with this team we could make a positive difference in our patient’s lives.

Naga Thatimatla, M.D.


Why physicians should choose Bayfront Health Dade City

An interview with Shauna McKinnon, CEO of Bayfront Health Dade City

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What in your background makes you confident in your leadership and management style (competent) to be CEO of this hospital?

I am a third generation nurse so this industry is extremely important to me. I was taught a very long time ago that this is not just a profession but a commitment to the human race. Both my grandmother and mother were Directors of Nursing and thus possessed a leadership style that first and foremost centered around the patient experience long before we were ever measured on it. I took those principles with me in my quest for professional development and never forgot the foundation with which this profession was built. Although a lot has changed throughout the years in the healthcare industry one thing remains constant: we are here because of the patient. Maintaining that philosophy drives me to create an environment where patients, physicians and employees alike seek us out as their provider of choice.

What is your clinical vision for the hospital?

High reliability, focus on safety and quality, outcomes, having best practices and metrics that make us market differentiators (CP center)

How do you collaborate personally with physicians?

Being present and engaged. We share all contact info and communicate regularly, open door admin policy…physicians stop in routinely and vice versa, they are involved in decision making

What can a physician expect who joins your organization?

Transparency, accountability, focus on safety and quality, shared vision, communication about strategic plan and how they fit into the successes and outcomes of this facility

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