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Cynthia Forsyth

Director of Physician Alignment


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Kirby Johnson






Bloomfield was a good fit for my family. It is a safe community, and the school system provides many opportunities for kids. There are some unique and fun events here, such as the local farmer’s market, garage sale weekend, and the Davis County Fair. We found a wonderful local church, and my wife and I now serve as the leaders of the high school youth group. The staff at the hospital is kind, from the ladies in the cafeteria to the nursing staff that I work with in the surgery department. The community cares deeply about the Davis County Hospital, and many of the employees are local residents. Davis County made us feel very welcome.

Dr. Jake Settles, DO
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There are many reasons why I enjoy working at Davis County Hospital. Working in a small institution has a lot of advantages. I value the close relationships that I have with my patients and the staff. We have a good compliment of visiting specialists, so I have access to the professional support needed to provide comprehensive care. With the support of our administration and the affiliation with the Mercy network, we are able to remain progressive and adapt quickly as changes in the healthcare system evolve. When considering your first job, it is important that you give your best to support the mission and vision of the employer, but you also want to know that your employer cares about your needs and interests.

Dr. Robert Floyd, DO
When my family and I were first looking at making Bloomfield and Davis County Hospital our home, we were most impressed with the hospitality and warmth shown to us by the staff and the community. From my first visit, I was made to feel welcomed and wanted. My husband (who is also a physician) and I appreciated the emphasis on family, the strength of the local school system and the safety in Bloomfield. The hospital was quick to help us connect with local activities and interests we had that were specific to our family. It was an easy choice to come here. I would advise physicians looking for a quality position and life to seriously consider Davis County Hospital.

Dr. Trina Settles, DO
The time I have been at Davis County Hospital has been excellent and I am looking forward to the many years ahead. The hospital administration and staff have been extremely helpful in setting up my practice. I have felt the support of the community and feel welcome here. I hope to become more involved in community activities the longer I am here. New physicians would find that a rural setting can offer many positive benefits not just for them but for entire families as well. The behavioral standards of commitment, compassion, service, teamwork, accountability and respect are not just words on paper. They are values that I see everyone striving for all the time. I am very thankful for each day that I am here.

Dr. Mary Graeff, MD


An Interview with Kirby Johnson, CEO of Davis County Hospital

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What in your background makes you confident in your leadership and management style (competent) to be CEO of this hospital (Your story, your heart)?

With my education being geared towards healthcare administration from my Bachelors to my Master’s degree, I feel my educational framework is structured to enable me to add value in all facets of our healthcare facility and operations.

What is your clinical vision for the hospital?

My clinical vision includes a healthcare delivery system that allows for clinical excellence from entry point to exit.  An organization that allows staff and providers to grow and develop into areas of interest, while providing continual learning and best practice medicine at the highest level possible.

What do you want the doctor/patient’s experience to look like at your hospital?

Our physician/patient relationship should be a joint venture to meet all goals established together by our providers and patients.  Each party plays their own role in the long term health and sustainability of their health outcomes.

How do you collaborate personally with physicians?

My relationship with our physicians is based on an understanding that we both have shared goals, as well as individual goals.  Some physicians are motivated by their clinical skills and personal development, while others are focused on creating a healthy work life balance and contributing to their community in a positive way.  Either way, my job is to work side-by-side with them to help develop and grow their ideal practice in which they can contribute the highest level of value to our community and organization via improved health.

What can a physician expect who joins your organization?

An oncoming physician who has joined Davis County Hospital can expect support and team oriented structure.  We pride ourselves on introducing and promoting our physicians and their strengths to our communities we serve.   Our patients who need primary care, as well as specialized service, can find their ideal provider here.  Physicians can expect to have a voice on the Medical Staff, as well as drive the development and growth of their own practice to fit their needs.

What is the one thing that distinguishes your hospital from others in your area?

Our culture.  Having a positive culture that cultivates people’s strengths and talents is a way to separate oneself from the competition.  We here at Davis County Hospital believe our teamwork and patient centered philosophies lead us to providing a patient experience that is unparalleled.

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