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New Mexico Physician Employers

Lea Regional Medical Center

Lea Regional Medical Center

5419 North Lovington Highway

Hobbs, NM 88240

(575) 492-5000

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Crissy Dale

Recruitment Coordinator


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Tim Thornell, FACHE



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Debra Walker

Director of Physician Relations




I joined Pecos Valley Physician Group in Hobbs, NM because of their ongoing commitment to the community and women’s health. I love caring for women throughout their lifespan; from adolescence to childbearing through menopause and beyond, and Pecos Valley has given me the opportunity to provide quality health care in a compassionate environment. Hobbs is a growing community with friendly people, and it is a great place to raise children.

Marva Johnston, MSN, WHNP-BC
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I am blessed to have lived in Hobbs for 16 years. A caring community which respects traditional American values and religious freedom. I enjoy being an active member of the medical staff, serving on the board, and am passionate about the values represented by Lea Regional and CHS

Truett Maddox, MD


Unlimited potential for physicians to create a vibrant practice

An interview with Tim Thornell, CEO of Lea Regional Medical Center

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What in your background makes you confident in your leadership and management style (competent) to be CEO of this hospital?

I started my career as a practice administrator, so I have extensive knowledge of building partnerships with physicians, and knowledge of what happens day to day in a practice. I have carried that experience with me into hospital administration, and I believe it makes me a well-rounded and fair CEO with an appreciation for both the inpatient and outpatient components of a physician’s practice.

What is your clinical vision for the hospital?

As CEO, I spend most of my time on two things – quality and growth. I’m passionate about creating high quality care with outstanding service for our community, and I’m looking for physicians who share that passion. I believe we should always strive to improve our delivery of care.  However well we’re doing today, we can and must do better tomorrow. Our patients come to us for the experience, knowledge and compassion of our doctors, nurses, techs, therapists and other staff.

What do you want the doctor/patient’s experience to look like at your hospital?

We’re driven by core values of safety, quality, honesty and respect. We try to create a just culture, with the goal of providing excellent patient care in a safe and friendly environment.

How do you collaborate personally with physicians?

We enjoy a positive working relationship with our medical staff, and are able to have open dialogue to address any issues or concerns. Our physicians are involved in the typical committees, but at Lea Regional, we have also created a physician leadership group (PLG) that meets regularly to discuss the direction and future of our hospital. I truly enjoy getting physician feedback on our strategic plan and upcoming projects.

What can a physician expect who joins your organization?

Our expectation for physicians is simple – we want quality physicians who really want to be in our hospital and our community. Hobbs is growing rapidly, and there is nearly unlimited potential for physicians to create a vibrant practice. We want to welcome you and support you in achieving that success.

What is the one thing that distinguishes your hospital from others in your area?

We are committed to following best practices for patient care, and will continue down the path of specialty accreditation and certifications. We are Joint Commission accredited, an accredited Chest Pain Center, and accredited Stroke Center, and were recently recognized in an issue of Hospitals & Health Networks, a national publication, for our efforts in reducing patient harm. At Lea Regional, we are proud of the care we provide, and we hope that you’ll decide to join us in our quest to be the provider of choice in Lea County.

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