Nebraska Medical Center

42nd & Dewey

Omaha, NE 68198

(402) 552-2000

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Debbie Gleason

Physician Development Administrator


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Michelle Grady

Physician Recruiting Associate



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Formed in 1997 by combining the operations of University Hospital, Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital, and their ambulatory care facilities, The Nebraska Medical Center is Nebraska’s largest health-care facility.

The medical center employs more than 4,900 employees and has over 1,000 physicians in all major specialties and sub-specialties on staff. More than 350 medical and surgical residents assist in the training and education of a thousand students on campus in a given year.

The Nebraska Medical Center is known for excellence, innovation and quality patient care. As the teaching hospital for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, this 627 acute-care bed facility has an international reputation for providing solid organ and bone marrow transplantation services. The Nebraska Medical Center serves patients regionally including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Missouri with comprehensive oncology, neurology and cardiology programs.


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