Oro Valley Hospital

1551 East Tangerine Road

Oro Valley, AZ 85755

(520) 901-3500


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Crissy Dale

Recruitment Coordinator



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Richard O'Donnell

Recruitment Director



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Melissa Gruenwald

Director of Physician Recruitment



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Jamie Worden

Physician Recruitment Specialist





In Northwest Allied Physicians, I have found invaluable mentorship that has allowed me to grow my practice in a very short time. While this is an employed group, the practice decisions made are driven by physicians who comprise the group.

Michael Lokale, D.O., Family Medicine
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Northwest Allied Physicians has a large network of available and competent colleagues.

David Kahan, D.O., Family Medicine


Why physicians should consider us as their employer

An interview with Jae Dale, CEO, Oro Valley Hospital

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What is one thing that distinguishes your hospital from others in the area?

We are a community based hospital, in the sense that most of the patients who come to us, live in our community. We are not a tertiary facility that draws from a broad geographic area. We aim to offer as many services as possible, at the local level, so folks in the community do not have to leave the area for their healthcare needs. Our physicians appreciate this because it allows for easy access to information and health records, familiarity with services and continuity of care.

What is your clinical vision for the hospital?

Physicians want to collaborate with institutions that hold themselves to the highest possible standards. The team that comprises Oro Valley Hospital, including employees and collaborating physicians, is truly dedicated to consistently improving our quality and safety record.

The Joint Commission has given us top bill on quality ratings the last two out of three years. We’ve had a number of certifications, including total knee, total hip, and total joint. We are a level 4 trauma center and a heart attack receiving center.

We strive to prove to our community that we are a quality institution. If someone in our community is going to have an elective procedure or come to the emergency room, we want their first choice to be Oro Valley Hospital. Patient perception of care is very high, Oro Valley Hospital consistently ranks first or second in the region when patients are asked “would you recommend this facility to your friends and family?”

What can a physician expect who joins your organization?

We take pride in identifying opportunities to grow. Physicians can expect open communication with the executive team. We are very open door in terms of our communication policy. I give my cell phone number out to all of the physicians and they are encouraged to call anytime. But quite frankly, I don’t get a lot of calls that aren’t social in nature, because we take care of the issues at the grass roots level.

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