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Danny Keo

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PeaceHealth is a great place to work. We have teams that work together to serve and provide wonderful care. I moved from Houston to Vancouver to teach our Family Medicine residents and continue the special work the residency has done for the last 20 years.

Dr. Adriana Linares MD FMSW
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"I practice medicine because an individual's health is the foundation for the quality of their life. By supporting those in our community become the healthiest versions of themselves we help them live the happiest and most productive lives possible.

I practice medicine with PeaceHealth because I believe access to quality healthcare is a human right and not a privilege to be afforded only to those who can pay for it. This is directly inline with the goal of PeaceHealth to carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

I know that regardless of what happens in the national healthcare debate PeaceHealth will continue to support our providers in serving every individual regardless of compensation, which ultimately is the only moral thing to do and inevitably strengths this world for all people."

Ken Foerster MD


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