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Southern Illinois HealthCare

Southern Illinois HealthCare

1239 East Main Street

Carbondale, IL 62901


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Christy Siemer

Recruitment Specialist

618-457-5200 ext. 67012

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Contact Information

Christy Shoemake

Recruitment Specialist

618-457-5200 ext. 67012



Understanding Leadership

An interview with Rex Budde, President and CEO of Southern Illinois Healthcare

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What obstacles have your faced that have equipped you to lead SIH into the future?

That’s an unusual question. Early in my life, I ran into a brick wall at 110 mph, smashing my car into oblivion and killing my best friend. I think of that moment every day of my life and realize that I survived for a purpose. It took years of rehab but I learned firsthand the power of a physician’s hands and the power of his words. Many didn’t think I’d be able to walk again, but….

When you think of SIH in ten years, how will SIH better serve the community?

Ten years is a long time, but I have no doubt about it. We have a talented, dedicated team of leaders and physicians here who talk about this topic regularly, and make decisions about equipment and facilities and how to better meet the changing needs, even against the competitive and increasing costs. I can’t really tell you specifically, but I can tell you our physicians are some of the most visionary, curious, and determined people I know.

What do you want the doctor /patient experience to look like at SIH?

We have given a lot of time to this question and have invested heavily in making sure we’re engaging and serving our patients efficiently, effectively and with grace and care. We recently invested in an all point’s computer software system that allows any care-giver to have access to critical patient information, speeding up the service time and getting them back home quickly, where they can return to family and friends that love them.

For many residents, it’s difficult to really understand what makes one hospital better than another. So many words, so little meaning. What would you way makes SIH a unique place to work for a resident beginning their new job search?

Perhaps the thing that separates us from any other hospital in the US is the unique community environment here. I want to tell you our hospital facilities, staff and physicians love it here. We work hard to create a great work environment and culture of trust. But in addition to a great hospital, we have access to some of the greatest minds in academia here, and the music and arts are, well, inspiring. My kids won’t miss the Holiday Orchestra Concert. And our hospital sits literally a few feet away from one of the most beautiful, pristine lakes in the Midwest. The trails, biking, camping, boating choices are almost limitless and just minutes away. And that’s just the beginning, we have vineyards, music festivals, and year round events that bring life and vitality to all who live here. Some residents think, that they need to compromise on compensation as a result, that’s just not true. Our data shows that due to low specialty competition, our doctors make some of the best money in the country. So, in a nutshell, it’s a great place practice.

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