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The Physician Employer Directory is designed to make it easier for Residents, Physicians and their families to search for prospective employers, learn about practicing medicine in states and cities of interest and connect with the communities and local service providers to launch or continue their medical careers.

Search Employers

Easy to navigate and search employers using the map of the United States. Clicking on a state takes you to employers listed and profiled.

Search by State listings. Notice the number of employers beside each listed state…which is dynamic and will change each time we add employers.

Basic Profile

Each employer we have listed will have at least a Basic Profile with the organization name, city & state, main phone number and website URL, if available.

Preferred Profile

Select organizations have elected to participate as Preferred Employers to stand-out from the crowd. They wish to provide users additional contact details for a primary recruiting or hiring contact, links to social, job opportunities and online Career and Life Planning web portals, if provided.

Organizations accepted as Preferred Employer will be in highlighted in gold and can found in select cities throughout each state. Simply click to activate the Preferred Profile details.

Premier Profile

Organization who demand higher visibility as well as wish to deliver greater contact details and a custom message to Residents and Physicians become Premier Employers to enjoy:

Top of State Page Branding Multiple Recruiting and Hiring Contact and Details Message from Leadership Website details and access Links to Social, Job Opportunities, Life and Career Planning Videos and more

You will find participating Premier Employers profiled across the top of each state visited as well as listings highlighted in Burgundy under the respective city or cities they operate.

Simply click the Explore More or the city Premier Employer listing to launch the Premier Employer Profile.

Premier Plus Profile

Authorized Premier Employers may have multiple operating facilities in a given state, a region or nationally, that they wish to profile for Residents and Physicians. We have created a “new” status for these employers called Premier Plus.

Premier Plus employers will be able to indicate the number of facilities in their state or states in both their banner block and their activated Profiles.

State and City Resources

Residents, Physicians and their families seek trusted sources of information on the states and cities they wish to practice medicine, start or continue their careers and build their lives.

Each State Landing Page has five points of interest Residents and Physician may wish to consider:

State Tax
Percentage of population with employer-based insurance coverage
Average Physician Salary
Physician to Population Ratio
Population Growth Rate

Explore More will take you to a State Resources page with state specific information and valuable content related to:

Financial Research
Practice Climate
Medical Board and Licensing

Each city in the Physician Employer Directory is also a link to additional city level information.

City Resources Page will include a City Research Module with in-depth information on schools, demographics, local businesses, home values and more.

Connect to Service Providers

Quality providers of services who will value our Residents, Physicians and their families business, have been invited to participate within the Physician Employer Directory Platform.

We call these service providers; “Partners” and they can be located in both the State Resources and City Resources pages with Premier or Premier Plus Profiles.